An Agent needs to be a Legal entity, who is authorized by Afghan Besim Mobile Money Company to provide My Money services to customers including  but not limited to customer registration, cash in (Deposit), cash out (Withdrawal) purchase, transfer money,  NFC replacement , PIN(personal identification number) reset, bill payments.

How to register

Registration requirement

  • To be at least 18 years old
  • Basic mathematic knowledge
  • Basic electronic material usages info
  • Identification documents:
    • -Tazkira
    • -Passport
    • -Driving license
  • Business licenses
  • Complete registration form
  • Two recent photos
  • Finger print
  • Additional operator Authorized ID: (Optional)
    • -Tazkira
    • -Passport
    • -Driving license
  • Additional operator photo
  • Signed agreement

After registration is complete an Agent receives an operating license, an active POS terminal, NFC Tag, in order to be able to provide My Money Services. Agent can opt to link his/her bank account to his My Money Account and easily transfer funds from bank and to his/her bank account.

All other information and specific questions please call 2220 from your AWCC number and +93702402222 from all other numbers.

Right after signing agreement with us you can provide services to customer as a My Money agent through POS devices and Mobile handsets with ease of use and peace of mind. My Money services are fast, secure, and reliable and can be access regardless

How to use

Agentis fully trained on how to use POS device and providing service to My Money customers plus My Money agent user guide manual will be also given to you to make your work easy and effective.

My Money agent will be receive all necessary support by calling My Money help line 24/7 in case of facing any assistance required.

There also will a periodic scheduled training for My Money agent and merchant on existing and new services.

Where to use

My Money service isn’t requiring large business environment for you to become My Money agent, you can use My Money service in addition to your own business , which is giving you an additional revenue stream without incurring an additional cost.

All eligible people can use My Money services and experience safest, fastest and easiest platform for their financial transactions.

Latest on
Mobile Money
  • Government salary payment: Ministry of Finance Islamic Republic of Afghanistan's employees are receiving their salaries via My Money.
  • Express payment: Now all AWCC customers can top-up their Airtime account through express payment machines.
  • Now you can pay your bills using My Money in Finest Locations. you can always subscribe for My Money by visiting our nearest Agent locations. or call 2220, At AWCC we consider this our duty to serve Afghans and all out clients. thanks for subscribing for My Money.